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Hi all!

I had the idea for this blog Since 2020 but I have never had the time to work on it, until now!

The blog is still under construction but there are already some very cool activities here thet you should check out. In the coming weeks more will be added and I will make sure from time to time to update on additional activities as well.

1) EscapeShow Virtual Team Building

EscapeShow is a combination of an interactive virtual escape game with actors, which all take place on zoom (or /Microsoft Teams/Google Meet or Cisco Webex). But this is not the special part, what sets this activity apart is the personal information they collect about your participants. Before the activity you will get access to their system and there you will enter information about the participants. Their actors take the information and integrate it into the activity so that the entire game is based on your team and your company.
It’s a lot of fun, it’s challenging and really funny.  Check out their website for More details.

2) Skribbl.io

skribbl.io is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game.
One game consists of a few rounds in which every round someone has to draw their chosen word and others have to guess it to gain points!
The person with the most points at the end of game will then be crowned as the winner!

When its your turn to draw, you will have to choose a word from three options and visualize that word in 80 seconds, alternatively when somebody else is drawing you have to type your guess into the chat to gain points, be quick, the earlier you guess a word the more points you get!

 This is a freeware party game of mystery and intrigue, a blend between theatre games and Clue. It is intended for seven players — plus a host who may or may not be one of the parts. It will probably take from 2 to 4 hours. The time can be controlled by opening clues sooner. The game is played out purely by social interaction. Each person attending will be playing the part of a character in a murder mystery. They will act in character, and will know only what their character knows. Together, they will discover that a murder has been committed, and collect the facts of the murder. Then, between them, they have enough information to discover the identity of the murderer. They will discuss, accuse, and in general have fun investigating

The last think you want is a team building, night with friends, or family get-togethers that’s boring or predictable. If you’re looking for a murder mystery challenge that will add excitement and intrigue to your next event, “Blood, Gold, and a Night of Jazz” is the game you’re looking for.

The game follows the storyline of a murder committed in a tech mogul’s home and a group of unique characters on a mission to find out whodunnit.

The reason why we’ve placed this game first is because of how well designed it is. The players each have great backstories that are sure to give everyone a great time reenacting them.

The game play and guides help ensure that everyone knows how to play the game right even if it’s their first time.

The game is good for 4-14 players and comes with a set of visual guides and event paraphernalia to make sure your next murder mystery night will be a lot of fun!

Running weekly pulse surveys is a great way to stay virtually connected to a remote team.


These kinds of tools help you measure over time how your team is feeling and make sure that everyone is happy with how things are going. It’s an easy way to keep an eye for any potential staff retention problems and gives you useful data.

We found that most of these tools though have expensive per user pricing models. The one that we like the most for it’s beautifully simple reporting was PulseMate, it lets you add unlimited users for one flat price.

Click here to check out PulseMate.


Beer Making Experience lets you and your guests become brewers in the comfort of their own home. The experience requires no prior brewing knowledge and comes with the equipment and ingredients for participants to make their first full case of beer. Kits are shipped right to participants’ front door.

The experience includes brewing instruction led live by one of City Brew Tours’ expert beer guides via online video conference. We’ve curated the perfect kit for people to try homebrewing with high-quality and reusable materials for only $150 per person.  Learn more about our custom beer creation options!

– Objective: Getting everyone to know each other

– Participants: However many you want!

– Duration: On-going

– Difficulty: Easy

– Materials: Electronic devices and a file-sharing tool

We love this activity because it is simple, but also a lot of fun.

It’s often hard to get to know each other in remote teams, so this allows people to find out a bit more about what each person is like.


  • Ask each team member to take a picture of his or her ‘office’ and get them to upload it to a shareable file.

  • When taking the picture, encourage participants to leave their desk and working space as it is. This gives a true representation of them.

  • Then, get everyone else to try and guess who’s desk is who’s.

Random Trivia Generator is a free platform that will let you and your friends, family, and co-workers battle in the greatest trivia night. It has 6 categories to choose from that will have a topic for everyone. They also update and add new content or formulate your own interesting questions, so don’t forget to check back to see their latest trivia questions.

We suggest one person host and share the Random Trivia Generator on their screen and go through all the questions. Don’t forget to keep score, as the competition is half the fun!

One of the best starter online games for teams is Online Team Building Bingo. Bingo, a game played across retirement homes and summer camps everywhere, is familiar, fun, and works extremely well in the online format.

You can freely distribute and use this virtual Bingo board for internal use 🙂

Find and customize one of the thousands of ready-made bingo cards, or use the simple bingo card generator to create your own. Then print as many cards as you need. You can even play virtual bingo using a computer, smartphone or tablet. It’s fast and easy.

If you’ve not yet hopped onto the Houseparty bandwagon, we’re not sure what are you waiting for. You can play tons of games with your friends and family while being on a video call together – if you get bored of a game, just switch to another and continue the fun!
Some of the games available include: 
  • Trivia 
  • Heads Up 
  • Draw Something
  • Chips and Guac
#KlookTip: Spice up the game by adding on a punishment or reward system with some of the kuih Raya or snacks you have at home!

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